Smart Kids + Smart Films = Bright Future

That’s right, Facets is in the crowdfunding game. But we’re raising money for something much more socially conscious than potato salad… Our Facets Kids movie streaming app brings the best and smartest independent children’s films to your family’s tablet. Let’s see what the internet is saying about our campaign. 

Almost two weeks ago, we launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring our Facets Kids movie streaming app into the next phase of development. Right now we have around 400 children’s films on an iPad version of the app, but we want to go far beyond this so that we can bring more smart films to smart kids everywhere.

Our goal is to reach 1000 films in our catalog, get 1000 subscribers, and be able to donate the app to 1000 schools and libraries. If we raise $50,000 we can do this. If we raise $100,000, then we can build an Android version of the app. And if we get up to $150,000, then we can make a browser-based version. On top of this, we will be able to add more educational features — even a function to curate your own Children’s Film Festival!

We’ve been talking a lot about the campaign already and all the relevant info about it can be found on the Facets Kids Kickstarter profile. So for this post, we’re going to rest our chops for a little while and let some journalists and commentators do the talking.

At TimeOut Chicago

Jessica Johnson helped us announce the campaign with a wonderful short article and this quotable tweet:

At DNAinfo Chicago

Paul Biasco talked with our Founder and Director, Milos Stehlik, about the potential impact of Facets Kids and gave a summary of the campaign on DNAinfo radio:

At Whole Health Chicago

Dr. Edelberg focused his weekly “Health Tips” on the effects media has on children in early development and how Facets Kids provides content that nurtures rather than deprives children of essential abilities:

“Concerned grownups can be assured there will be no worrisome content ever, and no advertisements of any kind. That kids will be exposed to media is inevitable, but given the risks of what’s out there Facets Kids will be a safe harbor of education and entertainment. Your kids really can avoid the media world of flying bullets, kicks to the face, explicit sex, and Cap’n Crunch, developing a taste for exceptional filmmaking in the process.”

On the Grocery Coupon Network Blog

Olga Mueller expands on how important Facets Kids is for families and how the app is a “guilt-free” product that alleviates the time-consuming task parents take on while vetting movies and TV shows for their kids. In other words: Facets Kids give parents more “me-time.”

The Facets Kids Kickstarter campaign is now live and runs until November 22. This crowdfunding game is hard and as a small non-profit we have limited resources. So every little bit helps! If you cannot pledge, then please share all you can to your friends and family on social media, through email, on the streets, in the halls, and from your rooftop! Don’t forget to #KickstartFacetsKids…

Together we can bring smart, independent, and global films to smart kids everywhere.

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