DIY Facets Kids Movie in the Park

Keep summer alive with your very own DIY Facets Kids Movie in the Park! Katy Moravec brings us some tips and tricks create your very own magical night under the stars.

Let’s hold onto summer as long as we can! Let’s keep  celebrating, going outside, and having fun. Here in Chicago, we have a wonderful  Movies in the Park program run by the Chicago Park District. Their program has a wide variety of screenings across the city, running from July to early September. While Movies in the Park is a favorite Chicago summer activity, we know that sometimes it doesn’t always allow for easy attendance. Which is why we here at Facets Kids have come up with our own DIY movies in the park. Just follow the simple instructions below and you can be watching your favorite films with style!

What you’ll need:

  • Laptop/tablet
  • Charger and extension cord
  • Blankets
  • Snacks
  • Your Facets Kids account

We know how much you love Facets Kids, but films are always better when you watch them with other people. Creating your own Movies in the Park with Facets Kids is not only creative, but a lot of fun as well!

Sweet Love

Just set up your computer in the backyard, preferably on a table or chair so that more people are able to watch (and if you can hook it up the a projector then that’s even better!), lay down some blankets to sit on, and make some fun snacks and drinks for everyone to enjoy. Once you’re all set up, just log into Facets Kids and watch your favorite films, or pick out some new ones to view!

Living in a big city like Chicago sometimes means that you don’t have a backyard, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own movies in the park, it just means you have to become a little more imaginative. Just clear out some space in your living room, and set your computer up on a table or chair so that everyone can see it. Then it’s time to set up the blankets, either lay them on the floor, or get creative and make a blanket fort. Bring in some snacks and drinks to enjoy while you’re watching. But don’t forget to open up a window or two to let in the fresh summer air!

Here’s some ideas on how to get creative with your DIY Movie in the Park:

Author: Katy Moravec is a writer, artist, and musician living in Chicago. She was recently the Facets Kids Acquisitions intern at Facets.

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