On the Set of People vs. Paul Crump

On this day, 61 years ago, five men robbed a meatpacking plant in Chicago’s Union Stock Yards. Little did the young TV director William Friedkin know, he would form an unlikely pairing with the fifth man and use film as a means to fight for the innocence of this death row inmate. Join us as we release Friedkin’s newly restored The People vs. Paul Crump. Decades later, we too play a role in keeping Crump alive.

This original production still is a re-creation of the scene that took place on March 20th,1953. One of the most interesting cinematic aspects of the film is the interplay of these dramatic reconstructions with authentic auditory narration from the films’ major protagonists playing over the visuals. The result is a haunted heightening of the senses, allowing the audience to be completely emotionally invested.
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