Focus on Facets: Summer Filmin’

Summer has been busy here at facets, but it’s been a whole lot of fun. In this installment of Focus on Facets, we celebrate some of the awesome achievements from the Facets Academy.

Summer filmin’, had me a blast
Summer filmin’, happened so fast
I made a film crazy for me 
I made a film cute as can be

Summer days drifting away
To, uh oh, those Facets summer film camps *jazz hands*

This summer at Facets, Jims and Sals and beautiful, blonde pineapple gals from all over Chicago graduated from one of Facets’ 16 summer film camps for kids and youth ages 7-16. Teaching kids how to comprehend, create, and critique film for over 20 years now, the Facets Kids Film Camps not only expanded to new locations in Lake Forest and Lisle this year, but also introduced new specialty camps based on a particular interest in film, such as acting, animation, and Hitchcock. With over half of camp participants attending on full scholarship, Facets was the summer destination for film education and appreciation.

Well the summer sun is nearly set
And soon it’ll be time for back-to-school projects
But before you say goodbye and get on outta here,
Here are some quotes from instructors, interns, and volunteers
About amazing campers we’ll never forget!

Kids finding solutions and seizing initiative.

“We didn’t finish our screenplay, but Fritz took it home and brought back a killer completed script.”

“Danny got really into being the music-sound guy and he went home and looked up all these organ pieces to show our editor.”

Overcoming obstacles, being resourceful and resilient.

“One of our groups found that most of their footage didn’t have audio. They were understandably upset. It was a good teaching moment to remind the kids to check their equipment more often. But we were still able to salvage it. We turned it into a silent film, complete with old-timey piano music and intertitles. The film was a big hit!”

Connecting to each other and their families.

“When the kids invited their families to watch the premiere of their film and realized how all their effort was transformed into a truly meaningful creation, projected onto the silver screen.”

Finding empathy in thinking how other kids overcome challenges.

“When the children were asked to write their own story to share with the group, I expected countless stories about a haunted theatre or kidnappers. One kid who stood out was a little girl who wrote a story about a character who has autism and has to learn to overcome her fears.”

Learning to make decisions.

“The kids worked really well together making decisions and getting the job done.”

Young minds come together.

“Young minds come together to make an amazing movie which required creative input from every individual.”

It’s the coolest thing.

“It’s the coolest thing to watch a kid find something they are so excited to work on.”

Summer filmin’, had me a blast
Summer filmin’, happened so fast
Thank you campers, parents, and friends
For making our summer a cinematic success <3

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