Cinema Sounds #019 – Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle, and Nocando: “Werner Herzog”

Part of our ongoing Cinema Sounds series, Mike LeSuer brings us Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle, and Nocando’s “Werner Herzog” from Busdriver’s 2012 EP Arguments With Dreams.

The Artist: the intelligent, eccentric art rappers collectively known as Hellfyre Club
The Influence: the intelligent, eccentric art film director known as Werner Herzog
The Result: an untapped goldmine of rap brags

As a staple of the genre, rappers are constantly finding new ways of hurting their peers’ feelings in their raps, often employing hyperbole to accentuate their status of income and frequency of copulation. On “Werner Herzog,” Busdriver and friends cover new territory by utilizing the career of the legendary German art house director as a benchmark for their respective artistic successes. While ‘Driver navigates the frantic beat with threats that sound remarkably like feats Herzog endured upon losing bets (“we’ll make you eat a crepe filled with Chia Pet dander”), Open Mike Eagle, self-proclaimed “Marc Maron of dark-skinned art barons,” disses his contemporaries’ rookie-like behavior behind the camera from the standpoint of the ever-faultless P.T. Anderson. Nocando bats cleanup with references to John Singleton, Tim Burton, Tarantino, Kubrick, the “other Cassavettes,” and a surprisingly on-point allusion to Ghostbusters 2. True to its namesake, “Herzog” is something truly unique, offering spurts of brilliance with the occasional Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans.

Bonus film cred goes to Busdriver for being the son of a screenwriter.

Arguments With Dreams is available for free download on Hellfyre Club’s Bandcamp.

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