Cinema Sounds #021 – Assassins 88: “Assault”

Part of our ongoing Cinema Sounds series, Mike LeSuer brings us Assassins 88’s “Assault,” a loose track recorded in 2013.

The Artist: a hearing aid distributor’s greatest asset, Assassins 88
The Influence: a midnight theater’s greatest asset, John Carpenter
The Result: a John Carpenter reboot finally worth paying attention to

Early auteur of the meaningful B-movie, the wide range of emotions achieved in John Carpenter’s diverse oeuvre stem from his equally-impressive moonlighting career as an electronic musician. Soundtracking most of the well-known moments in his films – the ambient unease in Escape From New York, the, well, ambient unease in Halloween – Carpenter was responsible for a revolution not only in reviving the exploitation film in the ‘70s and ‘80s, but also scoring it with synthesizers and atmospherics.

“Assault” isn’t so much inspired-by as it is built upon the foundation of Carpenter’s groundbreaking electronic soundtrack to his 1976 proper debut film, Assault on Precinct 13. Channeling the film’s sense of urgency and aggression, noise-rock duo Assassins 88 pour out three minutes of distorted chaos over a baseline swiped from the film’s iconic soundtrack (it also opens with the preface to shit-fan acquaintance sounds of an ice cream truck as heard in one of the film’s most indelible scenes).

“Assault” aside, the Aussie Assassins’ cinematic influence is far from subtle: their Kaneda EP is composed of four tracks named after varyingly-controversial English-language films, while their debut EP takes its title from a Japanese pink film of understandably greater controversy. You may also recognize the subject of their only other release‘s cover as the excellent stepmom of William S. Preston, Esq.

“Assault” is available for free download on Dream Damage’s Soundcloud.

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