Cinema Sounds #022 – Trail of Dead: “Days of Being Wild”

Part of our ongoing Cinema Sounds series, Mike LeSuer brings us …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead’s “Days of Being Wild” from their 2002 album Source Tags & Codes.

The Artist: well-read experimental rock band …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
The Influence: Hong Kong’s answer to Jim Jarmusch’s exceptional coolness, Wong Kar-wai
The Result: hard-hitting art rock complete with hair gel, comb, and cigarette dangling from side of mouth

Lyricist, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and Wong Kar-wai fanboy Jason Reece on the song’s influence:

“Gripped and fascinated by Wong Kar Wai’s film about tragic relationships, I used the film Days of Being Wild as a template of inspiration. In my song we encounter a person who feels trapped by the world around them or possibly trapped in a doomed romance. All this is up for interpretation, much like the film, which avoids strict narrative to tell the story of a group of young folks who find themselves trapped by their own destructive whims.”

For lyrics and more background on the band’s impressive range of influences (including but not limited to Kar-wai’s Fallen Angels, the poetry of Baudelaire, HTML jargon, and their ever-present fascination with Egyptian deity) check out Source Tags & Codes‘ page on their website.

“Days of Being Wild” is available for purchase on iTunes.

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