Cinema (uhh…) Media Sounds #016: The Work of JUDE MC

Part of our ongoing Cinema Sounds series, Paul Gonter brings us the work of  media artist JUDE MC

The Artist: designer & web artist Jude MC
The Influence: Anime, cyberpunk, drugs, the Internet, video games, & good tunes 
The Result: glitched out collaborations with young musicians


Jude MC gives us a psychedelic landscape that just might be the embodiment of JR Brown and Nora N. Khan’s modular youth: “falsifying, crystallizing myths through modern media and technology. They slide fluidly between references to industrial, post-industrial and digital culture because they can, because this movement is the function of privilege.”

Jude MC has worked with musicians like Blood OrangePhysical TherapyFatima Al Qadiri, and (most recently) Mykki Blanco, where the mixture of anime, throwback CG, and video game aesthetics perfectly complement one another.

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