Unconditional Basic Income with Enno Schmidt

Part of our Teach-In series, Jerome McDonnell, host of WBEZ’s Worldview, talks with writer and filmmaker Enno Schmidt.

“It is a topic that connects people, that connects countries, that is building a world community. It isn’t a national thing, nor a party politics thing. To see it as a global game is a very exciting perspective. I believe there will be steps in different countries very soon to introduce it.”

That’s Enno Schmidt on the Unconditional Basic Income Movement, of which he is a leader. Enno, a German artist, filmmaker, and activist, is currently spreading the innovative idea that everyone, regardless of need, should be paid a guaranteed basic income. His hope is that a UBI would eliminate wage slavery and bring parity and opportunity to everyone, and his idea is spreading quickly.

The UBI idea is currently being tested in California, North Carolina, Brazil, and more. In 2016 Ontario, Canada began planning a basic income pilot as well. This month, Enno spoke at Facets about his movement and its place in our rapidly changing world.

Ideas for the 21st Century: Unconditional Basic Income with Enno Schmidt was a panel discussion with Enno Schmidt and Jerome McDonnell, the host of WBEZ’s Worldview. The discussion was the first in Facets new Teach-In series which aims to create awareness about significant contemporary issues as well as provoke dialogue and discussion.

Schmidt and McDonnell discussed the history of the Unconditional Basic Income movement and looked at the ideas, principles, and potential reality of this economic transformation.  Following this discussion, Schmidt and McDonnell answered questions from the audience regarding the movement.

Teach-In series: Our Teach-In series uses film to create awareness about significant contemporary issues and provoke dialogue and discussion. Please check out our Cinémathèque schedule for upcoming events.

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