Well-Versed in More Than Movies

The other week Facets sent out a call (via Facebook, Twitter, and our This Week at Facets newsletter) requesting the aid of any willing wordsmiths among our supporters. The Community TechKnowledge Foundation’s Heart and Soul Grant Award Program was offering up to $10,000 in funds, and all an organization had to do to apply was submit a four-to-eight-line poem describing their work and mission.

Our deep thanks to all who responded to the call! Regardless of the grant money, it means a great deal to us to read expressions of Facets’ goals and programs that capture the powerful meaning these activities have for us. We wanted to share this experience with our blog readers by recognizing the best of the submissions here. Enjoy!


Now a hundred years have passed and chemistry’s
already robbing history. What images slipped off
unstable nitrate, and what answers
to your questions decayed before your eyes
could see? What key won’t turn inside a future lock?

Silver isn’t cheap, especially to ransom it from limbo,
but sorted into shape and pierced with light
it will pay back.

-Jean Majeski


A diamond has facets
That sparkle in all directions.
When I watched Jodhaa Akbar
It gave me a new way of seeing.
To hear the Hindi voices
Gave me a new way of hearing.
My feet are moving to a new rhythm.
That is old in India.

-Joy Parker


There’s something about turning on a projector,
About bringing strangers together to share ideas,
Showing kids that movies have meaning,
Preserving something faded for the future—
They all can bring light to a dark place.


Facets Film School

Milos Stehlik combs the world
finds hidden gems everywhere

on display all week long
at the cinemathèque

-Ursula Rose (Author of The Litany: A Game in Time and Space)

A Limerick

There once was a nonprofit from Chicago
With film appreciation in mind from the get go,
But their budget ran in the red
As media illiteracy spread,
Until film lovers stood up and said “Hell no!”


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