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Much is abuzz at Facets this month, so let’s dive in….

* Facets Film School begins on Monday, September 24. We have eight killer classes lined up for these fall sessions.

Session I includes The Art of Darkness: The Italian Horror Films of Dario Argento; Avant-Garde Masters: The Mavericks of Experimental Cinema; Remembering Ingmar Bergman: The Darkness Before the Dawn; and Guns in the Shadows: The Westerns of Jacques Tourneur.

Session II features Love on the Run: Romantic Outlaws on the Road; The Violence of Time and Memory: Hong Kong vs. China; The Auteur’s Auteur: The Versatility of Howard Hawks; and Game, Set, Matchpoint: The Selected Dramas of Woody Allen.

Incredible line-ups, all. Join us and broaden your movie mind. For more info, visit Facets Film School online

* From the La Jetee-inspired 12 Monkeys to Boudu Saved from Drowning’s offspring, Down and Out in Beverly Hills, we look at foreign language films that were remade into English features at the Facets Videotheque.

* On September 25th, Facets Multi-Media launches the Facets Kids Film Network, a major initiative to bring quality children’s films to new, broader audiences, with a one-hour Best of the Fest screening of 10 award-winning short films from the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, the nation’s oldest and largest festival of films for children.

Best of the Fest will also be available to schools, libraries and other children’s institutions in the form of a one-hour DVD, which also includes support materials such as posters, flyers, publicity materials and a comprehensive 80-page teacher’s study guide, as well as rights cleared for public performance exhibition. With this package, educators, librarians and after-school programs seeking positive, multi-cultural media for children can create their own mini-children’s film festival.

Head here for more info.

* Facets gets fashion on September 30 with the special CineChat presentation of Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton, an intimate documentary on fashion icon Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and the world of haute couture.

The film will be introduced and followed by a Facets CineChat with Gillion Carrara, director of the Fashion Resource Center and Adjunct Professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Adrienne Frejacques and Cedric Hazard from Arte France.

Visit the Cinematheque online for details.

* And, of course, Bela Tarr will be at the Cinematheque this Sunday, September 16th. The acclaimed Hungarian auteur joins Facets for a screening of his masterwork, Werckmeister Harmonies, followed by an exclusive symposium with David Bordwell, film theorist, historian professor and author, Scott Foundas, L.A. Weekly film editor, Variety contributor and member of the selection committee of the New York Film Festival, and Chicago Reader film critic and author Jonathan Rosenbaum.

Visit the Cinematheque online for more info and to purchase tickets to this exceptional CinEvent.

Wow. September is packed. Head to Facets and experience it all!

– Phil Morehart

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