New DVD Spotlight

Six brand new DVD releases that caught our fancy this week…

Ten Canoes
The first major motion picture shot entirely in an indigenous Aboriginal language, Australian filmmaker Rolf de Heer’s enchanting and wholly symbolic wonder journeys with Aborigine tribesmen from Arnhem Land on their yearly hunt for goose eggs in the wetlands. A must-see.

I Like Killing Flies
The legendary family-owned Greenwich Village restaurant, Shopsins, and its eccentric owners are the focus of this energetic, poignant low-budget documentary.

Music for the Movies: Bernard Herrmann
This Academy Award-nominated doc looks at the work of legendary film composer, Bernard Herrmann, whose music can be heard in the works of Welles, Hitchcock, Scorsese and more.

The black-on-black slave trade in 17th century Africa provides the backdrop for this haunting, jarring film that follows a young man whose tribe is captured and thrown into slavery by a powerful ruler by the name of Adanggaman.

3:10 to Yuma
One of the great westerns of the 1950s stars Van Heflin as a poor rancher who takes the dangerous assignment of guarding captured outlaw Glenn Ford until he can be taken to trial. Catch this before seeing the Bale/Russell remake.

William Friedkin directs this unsettling, paranoid horror-drama (which won the FIPRESCI Prize at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival) about the bizarro events that transpire when a lonely cocktail waitress (Ashley Judd) takes in a loner (a terrific Michael Shannon) with a mysterious past. Harry Connick Jr. delivers a great performance, as well, as the waitress’ abusive ex-con husband (when did the Nawlins crooner get so buff, by the way?)

Find more new DVD releases, as well as soon-to-be-released titles, at the Facets Videotheque.

– Phil Morehart

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