Cinema Sounds #004 – Irreversible: “5:13”

Part of our ongoing Cinema Sounds series, Paul Gonter brings us “5:13,” the second track off of Irreversible’s 2006 album Age.

The Artist: progressive doom metal innovators, Irreversible
The Influence: Gaspar Noe’s epitome of cinematic extremity, Irreversible
The Result: a hypnotic yet crushing album of sonic nihilism

The music of Irreversible is dynamic and hard to categorize. Like most music acts these days, to describe them we must mash a handful of genres together or simply add “post” in front of a heading or subheading or sub-subheading. The easiest thing to do (besides simply listening to a track) is to define via relation. As in: Irreversible is for fans of Rosetta, Amenra, Russian Circles, or the like.

The band takes their name from Gaspar Noe’s 2002 film Irreversible. Age, their first EP, is Irreversible’s most literal homage to their namesake. The album enacts the film’s reverse chronology through it’s song titles, while the lyrics deal with similar themes of death, loss, regret, and determinism. Sound clips from the film are also used throughout the album with a haunting affect similar to their source.

Check out Irreversible’s other releases, because “5:13” is definitely not representative of their oeuvre.

Age is available for purchase on Irreversible’s Bandcamp.

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