Cinema Sounds #010 – Mr. Oizo: “Positif”

Part of our ongoing Cinema Sounds series, Paul Gonter brings us “Positif” from Mr. Oizo’s 2008 debut album, Lambs Anger.

The Artist: the man behind the puppet, Mr. Oizo
The Influence: nightclubs, theater of the absurd, & B movies
The Result: that weird film on Netflix with music that sounds like Daft Punk

Mr. Oizo is Quentin Dupieux, French electronic musician, producer, and filmmaker. His output is staggering, not by its quantity, but its quality and influence. As a musician, Mr. Oizo has helped shape house, techno, neo-disco, and many other sub-genres of electronic music. His films are less well-known, but no less acclaimed. Dupieux’s filmmaking usually exists in the realm of the comedic-absurd. The main character of his 2001 feature, Nonfilm, wakes up to find himself the main character of a film, and subsequently kills most of the crew with a prop gun that was accidentally loaded with live ammo. His 2010 film, Rubber, premiered at Cannes and his most recent feature, Wrong, premiered as an Official Selection at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. More deserts. More absurdity.

Lambs Anger is available for purchase on iTunes.

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