Cinema Sounds #011 – Screaming Lord Sutch: “Dracula’s Daughter”

Part of our ongoing Cinema Sounds series, Paul Gonter brings us Screaming Lord Sutch’s 1962 single “Dracula’s Daughter.” 

The Artist: the crazy wails of Screaming Lord Sutch
The Influence: movie monster mash
The Result: spooky garage rock that’ll make you move and shake

Well before The Misfits crafted the sonic equivalent to the horror film, David Edward Sutch, an eccentric lad from London, was cranking out tunes haunted by the demons of classic horror. Performing under the moniker Screaming Lord Sutch, David integrated a theatrical zaniness to his live shows that seems to be unmatched by his garage rock peers.

With a few great euphemisms, “Dracula’s Daughter” follows a young man who comes under the erotic influence of a female vampire, thus loosely taking on the plot of Dracula’s Daughterthe 1936 sequel to the Bela Lugosi classic

“Dracula’s Daughter” is available for purchase on various Halloween-themed compilations.

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