Cinema Sounds #013 – Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Greendale

Part of our ongoing Cinema Sounds series, Paul Gonter brings us Greendale, Neil Young & Crazy Horse’s 2003 rock opera complementing Young’s film of the same name.

The Artist: Neil Young & Crazy Horse
The Influence: small towns, Winesburg, Ohio, & oddball musicals 
The Result: a down-home rock opera


Most artists aren’t prolific enough to title their compilation album or box set release an “archive,” but Neil Young is. Over his 45 year career, he has released around 35 albums. He even played with Rick James in a Motown group called The Mynah Birds right before his mutton-chop-filled Buffalo Springfield days

Aside from scoring films and contributing to soundtracks, Mr. Young has also directed a handful of films under the moniker Bernard Shakey. Greendale (2003) is a feature length film part of the larger multimedia work that is Greendale, which also contains the 10-song rock opera album and a graphic novel. As you can see from the clip above, Shakey/Young’s adaptation is no Andrew Lloyd Webber affair.

Greendale is available for purchase on iTunes.

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