Ceremonies Rituals Processions

A short experimental film comprising footage of, well, ceremonies, rituals, and processions in an island country. The visual track is often looped, slowed down, or sped up, giving the film a hypnotic quality that distances it from ethnography. That feeling is heightened by the audio, which, at times, sounds more like out of sync field recordings than direct sound or a traditional score. There are no credits nor narration to orient you. Just with go it.

Cinephile Interest:
In addition to portraiture and photography, artist Joel Singer made a name for himself in the realm of avant-garde film by collaborating with James Broughton on a series of adventurous shorts filmed around the world. These include Scattered Remains (1988), Devotions (1983), and Song of the Godbody (1977), among others. As evinced by Ceremonies Rituals Processions, that wanderlust spirit hasn’t dissipated.

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