Lady Blue Shanghai


David Lynch sells out…again. A few years ago, French high-fashion company Dior commissioned three stylish directors to put together commercials featuring Marion Cotillard and the Lady Dior handbag. Olivier Dahan (who directed Cotillard in La vie en rose, a biopic about the singer Edith Piaf) and Jonas Akerlund (who directed multiple Machina/The Machines of God-era Smashing Pumpkins music videos and was a member of Bathory) were the other two. In Lynch’s installment, Cotillard finds herself in a hotel room in Shanghai, but an unexplainable, overwhelming presence is causing her great distress. And it’s none other than the Lady Dior handbag sitting in the middle of the room, emitting a mysterious white light. Apparently, this bag is the real deal.

Cinephile Interest:
If you are familiar with the world of David Lynch, then you are no doubt accustomed to rooms like the one that Cotillard is staying in: Minimal lighting that just makes everything more unsettling; ordinary objects taking on enigmatic qualities; the color red. Yes, it’s one of those rooms. Just because Lynch is selling you a handbag doesn’t mean he has any intention of dialing down the trademark creepiness, which means no attempts to suppress his affinity for dialogue separated by long stretches of silence, nor backing down from the trusty handheld digital video camera that gave Inland Empire its distinct feel. The soundtrack even contains some oddly menacing “haunted ballroom” tones that will either make you think of The Shining or the latest flavor of elite ambient music. If you have a craving for more Lynch, then consider Lady Blue Shanghai your angel in waiting. Just don’t watch it on your phone.

-Garret Kriston

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