Martyrs of Love

Jan Nemec’s now-rarely seen and largely-unavailable film, Martyrs of Love, made in 1966. The three stories that make up the film are about loners in search of love, with often ironic results. Two of Czechoslovakia’s star singers, Marta Kubisova and Karel Gott, appear in minor roles and supply songs. Though this version has no subtitles, there is almost no dialog.

Cinephile Interest:
Jan Nemec (Report on the Party and the Guests, Diamonds of the Night) led the creative and political edge of filmmaking, and this is evident in Martyrs of Love, his final feature made in Czechoslovakia before the Soviet invasion and a long exile. With minimal dialog, it’s the visual bravado (with cinematography by Miroslav Ondricek, who went on to shoot Amadeus) which defines a film which anticipated much of music video.

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