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Film still: In Between

In Between

Best Actress
Best Supporting Actress
Best Film
Best Director
Israeli Academy
"It's a perfect movie for the moment"   —New York Times
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Film still: Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel


Surge of Power:
Revenge of the Sequel

"A joyous low budget romp with an honesty and good-naturedness about it that prove highly endearing"   —Eye for Film
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Film still: The Organizer

Facets Teach-In

Does the Working Class Go To Heaven?

The Organizer with Julia Berkowitz

"Arguably one of the great Italian films of the 60s, it cries out for rediscovery"   —Chicago Reader
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Film still: In the Intense Now


In the Intense Now

"A haunting record of history made poetic...reminiscent of the films of Chris Marker"   —Variety
"Spellbinding"   —Chicago Sun-Times
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Film still: Werewolf


"Stark, disquieting... illuminating for its depiction of a seldom-seen side of Canadian life"   —Hollywood Reporter
"A startling, out-of-nowhere film, and an intoxicating first feature from a rising filmmaker"   —The Playlist
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Film still: They Remain


They Remain

Chicago premiere!

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Film still: Victim

Facets Teach-In

Why are LGBTQ+
rights necessary?

Victim with Nick Davis

4 stars   —TimeOut London,  Roger Ebert
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Film still: 12 Days

12 Days

"Quietly riveting"   —Hollywood Reporter
"A deceptive simplicity characterises the work of Raymond Depardon. And it is that quality that makes this latest gem from the veteran French filmmaker and photographer so admirably lucid and so heartbreakingly sad"   —Sight and Sound

Past features for February

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Film still: American Folk

American Folk

"Quietly affecting... its visual flair and heartfelt homage to American folk music keep us engrossed"   —Hollywood Reporter
"The film belatedly emerges as one of the stronger fictional statements on 9/11"   —Chicago Tribune
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Film still: Kumare


6 films, and discussions with Gretchen Helfrich
and guest scholars:

Religion in the Frame

Presented by Facets and the Martin Marty Center for the Public Understanding of Religion

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Film still: In Syria

In Syria

"Tense, upsetting and timely"   —TimeOut London
"A devastatingly direct and intimate study of the effects of war on ordinary people"   —Sight and Sound
Recommended   —Chicago Reader
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Film still: The Great Buddha +

The Great Buddha +

Grand Prize
Audience Award
+ 4 Festival Prizes
Taipei Film Fest
"Convulsively funny yet uncompromisingly bleak"   —Chicago Tribune
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Film still: Entanglement



"A sympathetic portrayal of depression in the aftermath of the suicide attempt... Entanglement is one of the most unexpected love stories in recent memory"   —Film Inquiry
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Film still: Winter Soldier

Facets Teach-In

How music can
change the world

Latcho Drom with Marguerite Horberg

4 stars "Exuberant and stirring... this movie is so powerful you virtually have to force yourself not to dance during long stretches of it"   —Chicago Reader
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Film still: Pow Wow

Pow Wow

"Stimulatingly quirky"   —Hollywood Reporter
"Its insights are as much a matter of cinematic style—of visual composition and intellectual association—as of investigative content"   —New Yorker
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Film still: Poop Talk


Poop Talk

Chicago Premiere!

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Film still: Losing Ground


Losing Ground

"Had it screened widely in its time, it would have marked film history"   —New Yorker
"A puzzle and a marvel, eliciting wonder and provoking questions"   —New York Times