About Facets

Our mission

Facets is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that transforms lives through the power of world, classic, and independent film. Facets is an eminent film conservator, leader in youth-focused media-education programs, and presenter of the best in children’s, international, and classic films. To the late film critic Roger Ebert, Facets is a “temple of great cinema.”

Our Commitment to Education

Facets' commitment to quality film and educational programming for youth and educators began with the creation of the Chicago International Children's Film Festival in 1983. Since then, Facets has been a pioneer in creating youth programming that uses thoughtful, stimulating film to inspire critical thinking, spark the imagination, and expand the worldviews of the next generation. Now, with Facets Kids, those films will be available, not just during the Festival, but year-round and to children everywhere!

Expanding Our Mission with Facets Kids

Giving kids access to global independent movies promotes creativity, engagement, and curiosity. Whereas mainstream movies are commercialized and constricted to a narrow set of roles and stories, our films open up whole new worlds to young pioneers. Facets Kids is a curated destination for parents and kids who care about different cultures and perspectives, as well as exceptional quality in media.

Facets Kids is designed to empower kids to actively explore, experience, craft, and respond to a treasure trove of films specially selected to inspire them to become the creators of tomorrow. Facets Kids taps into emotional frameworks to promote social-emotional growth as kids watch and respond to films. Content is personalized to be age-appropriate to the individual child. Our films expose kids to diverse viewpoints and ways of life, encouraging them to become open-minded global citizens.

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