Facets Kids – For Teachers

Use Facets Kids in your classroom, library, or media center. Facets Kids gives educators the tools to expose kids to global films that inspire critical thinking, diversity, and new worldviews. Our content and browsing framework allow children to engage with diverse social-emotional perspectives that touch on many subjects, including language arts, science, social studies, and more.

Smart kids deserve smart films. Give them access today with a free trial of Facets Kids.

Teach in the Windy City?

For Chicago area schools, Facets Kids offers live, interactive media education sessions. Led by our trained media educators, students will learn basic critical thinking and media literacy skills while actively engaging with Facets Kids films. Programs can be tailored to different subjects or for social and emotional development.

For more information and other educational options, please visit Facets Teaching Resources or contact fldtrps@facets.org.

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