Facets Kids – For Filmmakers

Facets Kids is a curated collection of films for children ages 2-16. Our collection contains films from all around the world made by professional filmmakers and a special collection of films made by children and youth.

We look for films that:

It is our intent to provide the very best viewing experience for children, focusing on films that engage their imaginations, stimulate learning, and build character. Most importantly, the films we select for Facets Kids must be made for children, and not be films about children intended for an adult audience.

All films must be in English language or in original language with English subtitles or with multiple language subtitle options.

If you feel you have made a film which fits with Facets Kids, please complete the film submission form so that our selection committee may review your film. We will respond to all submissions, but please give us adequate time to view your film and assess its suitability for Facets Kids. We offer filmmakers an equitable revenue-sharing arrangement. If you have other questions, please refer to our Facets Kids Filmmaker FAQs.

To submit a film, simply use our online form, here.

Completed a film in the last year? You may want to consider the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival. More information, here.

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