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Cinémathèque Screening
Film still: The Mafia Kills Only in Summer

The Mafia Kills Only in Summer

Best Comedy
Film Awards
"At once tremendously funny and intensely serious—a provocative, and perhaps even important, combination"   —Village Voice
Cinémathèque Screening
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Chicagoland Shorts

Producer Eugene Sun Park and filmmakers in attendance

Kids Screening
Film still: Breaking Ice


Facets Family Film Series

Celebrate Mothers in Film!

Two animated/live action shorts programs:
Mum's the Word (Ages 8 and under)
Showing the Way (Ages 10+)

Children + Youth
Mommy with child


Children + Youth
Media Workshop

Mommy and Me:
Intergenerational Story Development Lab

Ages 4–7

Children + Youth
Facets Kids Film Camp


Facets Kids
Film Camp

Introducing kids ages 7–14 to the techniques,
language and process of filmmaking

Children + Youth
Promo image for the Chicago International Children's Film Festival


The 33rd Annual
Chicago International Children's Film Festival

Facets Label Collection


Facets Label Collection

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with Facets Label.

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